We provide emergency
communication services for:
» 7 police departments
» 2 sheriff's departments
» 3 city fire departments
» 28 rural fire departments
» 15 rural emergency medical services
(EMS) providers
» FM Ambulance

In 2001, a Joint Powers Agreement was entered into by the City of Moorhead and Clay County, Minnesota; and the City of Fargo and Cass County, North Dakota to combine public safety communications and dispatch services into a jointly operated dispatch center.

The RRRDC Board of Authority was formed to administer the joint dispatch center undertaking.   

In March 2002, the Board hired Kathy Colvin as the Center’s first Director.

In December 2002, the Red River Regional Dispatch Center, as an independent North Dakota entity, opened up for business. At this time, all cross-trained ND/MN dispatchers were transitioned into the RRRDC. For approximately ten months, the Fargo and Moorhead dispatch sites remained in operation until October 28, 2003 at which time the cut-over was made to its new facility at 300 NP Avenue, Fargo, ND.

In March 2008, RRRDC began dispatching for the City of West Fargo, North Dakota.

In January 2009, Byron Sieber began his duties as the Center's second Director.

Our dispatch consolidation is the first in the nation to cross state lines to manage dispatch operations and personnel independently from the agencies it serves.


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